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Multi Dualtouch Tech. 

Multitouch Screen, Multitouch Overlay, Multitouch frame trend, Multi Dualtouch Screen

Multi-touch function defines diverse of hand gestures to input your commands, which equals to a mouse. With one finger touch or dragging on-screen surface can accomplish click, dragging or draw-line. Two fingers moving together on screen can zoom in/out. The gesture one finger anchored and the other moving around can lead to a 3D rotating. The multi-touch touchscreen has all the advantages of traditional single-touch touchscreen: reliable, stable, super sensitive and drift-free, and can support the Windows 7 operating system.


WiViTouch Multi DualTouch Functions:

Gesture Windows Usage Gesture Action Action Single Contact Multi-Contact

Tap / Double Tap

Click / Double Click


Panning with Inertia Scrolling Drag 1 or 2 fingers up and down  
Selection / Drag (left to right with one finger) Mouse Drag / Selection Drag one finger left / right
Press and Top Right-click Press on target and tap using a second finger  
Zoom Zoom (defaults to CTRL key + Scroll wheel) Move two fingers apart / toward each other  
Rotate No system default unless handling by Application (using WM_GESTURE API) Move two fingers in opposing directions


Use one finger to pivot around another
Two-Finger Tap N/A - Exposed through Gesture API, used by Application discretion Tap two fingers at the same time (where the targets are the midpoint between the fingers)  
Press and Hold Right-click Press, wait for blue ring animation to complete, then release
Flicks Default: Pan up/Pan down, and Forward Make quick drag gestures in the desired direction



WiViTouch Multi Dualtouch Screen Size:
17'' ,19'',21.5'',22'',23.6'',24'',26'',27'',29'',30'',32'',37'',40'',42'',46'',47'',50'',52'',55'',57'',60'',65'',70'',72'',80'',82'',100'',103''

Multi Dualtouch Features:

* Support two fingers touch together at the same time.
* Support Windows 7 operating system.
* Most WiViTouch dual-touch offer SDK software.
* Some WiViTouch Special Dualtouch Models support TUIO total.
* Support zoom in/out, display rotation
* USB direct connect with PC.
* Aluminum frame
* Plug and play



Multi Dualtouch Application:

■ Point-of-information kiosks
■ Electronic catalogs
■ Gaming, lottery, and amusement
■ Industrial control rooms
■ Computer-based training



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