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FAQ Resistive Touch Screen 

Can WiViTouch standard size resistive touch screen work with a standard LCD monitor?

Yes, they can.WiViTouch's a standard size resistive touch screen can be installed into the standard size LCD monitor.WiViTouch's resistive touch screen's thickness is around 1.0mm to 2.0mm, they can work with a standard size LCD monitor. All the standard resistive touch screens measure follow LCD's measure.

Does your touch screen include a USB controller? What does the package include?

Yes, WiViTouch can offer USB controller and RS232 controller for customers. Usually, WiViTouch Screen includes the USB controller. If the customer has a special request for RS232 port, please inform us in advance. Because RS232's price is not the same as the USB controller's price.
The package includes
* Touch Screen
* USB / RS232 controller
* Connector Cale
* CD Driver

Can we interface our controller with your touch screen and our LCD? 

Yes, you can only order our resistive touch screen to connect with your USB or RS232 controller.


Does wivitouch's resistive touch screen work with windows 7 system?

Yes,wivitouch's resistive touch screen can work with windows 7 system.
Besides, wivitouch's resistive touch screen also works with:

  •  Windows Vista
  •  Windows 9X / Me
  •  Windows 2000-XP
  •  Windows NT4
  •  Windows 98
  •  Windows CE
  •  Linux
  •  Dos
  •  Mac OS X  
  •  Mac OS 9X
If our company wants to customize a touch screen for our machine, what informations we should offer to wivitouch before customizing?

Customize Process:
* Customer offer the touch screen specification information (Data information of touch screen's outside area, touch area; FPC/Tail's length and place, thickness, construction in FILM with GLASS, FILM with FILM or FILM with GLASS.etc.)
* WiViTouch engineer makes a drawing according to the customer's request.
* Customer confirms the drawing.
* WiViTouch production department produces a touch screen following the confirmed drawing.
PS: If customers don't know how to offer the customized touch screen information.If it will be used with an LCD panel. Customers can offer the LCD panel specification drawing.


What is the making model fee if we want to customize a touch screen panel? 

Making a model fee depends on your customized touch screen.
If it only needs to customize the screen size, it only has to pay for the screen customize fee.
If it only needs to customize the FPC length, it has to pay for the FPC customize fee.
If it needs to customize the screen and FPC, it has to pay for the screen and FPC customize fee.


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